7 Ways to Verify the Experience of a Locksmith

Trusting a locksmith might be a risk for some, especially in an emergency. There are both certified and actual locksmiths. However, it is true that there may be some imposters who desire to mess with your security for whatever reason, or who are simply inexperienced. As a result, here are some questions you should ask yourself before allowing them into your home.

Why make sure?

Locksmithing, especially in Australia, does not often require qualifications which makes it dangerous to find who a trustworthy and expert locksmith may be. Moreover, besides their trustworthiness, other factors such as how much you should pay them, their availability, and the quality of service are also checkboxes you must check on the list of actual qualifications. 

What is the MLAA?

MLAA, or Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia, is an organization of certified and qualified professionals in locksmithing. It is a crucial giveaway to whether the locksmiths you hired are dependable enough as being a member means the following accomplished goals:

  • Police-checked
  • High-level ability and are trade-qualified professionals
  • demonstrated exemplary service that met the high standards provided by the public

Given the very basis of identifying a trustworthy locksmith, here are the following seven ways to check their validity


As generic as it may sound, double-checking their identification is the first step in assuring they are who they claim to be. Not only should you check the locksmith’s license, but you should also check if they are in the correct owner’s residence and if the item to be locked or unlocked belongs to you.

Another way of identification is through a company or brand name that the locksmith stands by. Like Locksmith Cannington, it has a name, but rather, it provides a comprehensive list of FAQs that you might have as well for yourself if you opt to have a locksmith work in your home, which strengthens their interest in their services.

Insurance documents

Confirming that your locksmith is insured means they have the needed paperwork to continue the work. Otherwise, they will come off as illegal. Moreover, having a locksmith under your insurance can protect you against compensation claims.

Company activeness

Ensure that the company’s website and social media accounts are up to date. For example, if their most recent postings or customer reviews were more than five years ago, they may no longer be available. You may also check their Google My Business presence on the search page to see their contact and address information.

Give the drilling a second thought

Allowing locksmiths to drill immediately would be a dangerous risk before going through the first three actions. Furthermore, having it done directly in emergencies would cost more since qualified locksmiths can fix most locks without drilling and replacing them with new ones.

Check if the prices are valid 

Underpriced and overpriced rates are the foundation of a suspect firm, thus you should get a discussion of the rationale behind such rates. As a result, their trustworthiness as locksmiths is bolstered by a strong feeling of openness.

Ask general and appropriate questions

Simple questions like payment methods, the specific process of fixing the door lock, and the locksmith’s name before proceeding with the procedure will help you determine the truthfulness of the company’s tone and if they are true. Do not just let the locksmith enter your home and start with the fixing process.

Request for a quote

For a quick and ensured effective fixing process, you can request a quote to know at an earlier time the breakdown of costs, what type of fixing the locksmiths will do through a picture, and verify their contact details. That being said, you can contact two of the best locksmiths in Perth such as Go Locksmith Perth or Perth Locksmiths WA.

Trusting a locksmith service may be a hectic job; however, the hard work of ensuring their legitimacy is worth it. After all, you wouldn’t want to have a faulty door lock or pay too much rate after the service.

FAQs about locksmith services

Is it challenging to trust locksmith services?

Keep in mind that having a locksmith means permitting them to your property, particularly in terms of safety and security. So, you mustn’t immediately let locksmiths do the work or pick one of the thousands and instead do careful research of locksmith services in the area. Besides MLAA, the Locksmith Guild of Australasia and Perth Locksmiths are also credible organizations that make up locksmiths who are qualified and have great expertise.

How can I find the cheapest locksmith?

As much as staying on budget is essential, so is the quality of service that locksmith businesses provide. Moreover, you should be cautious if you find a too cheap value on its excellent service.

Do most locksmiths scam?

Locksmiths who don’t pass the reliability criteria are not concerned about the service they wish to have; instead, they have their motives. Thus, a trustworthy locksmith will explain why they offer such a price and the particular type of service they believe fits your situation.

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